Thursday, April 20, 2017

DITL: Spring Edition

I feel like I *just* did one of these. That's what happens when you live in Florida where every season is the same: pretty warm, hot, hot as balls, warm but let's throw some boots on to pretend. So, I banged this one out earlier in the week on a typical school day. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Lots of nursing and lots of drinking (jk...sort of).

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7:40 I have several alarms that go off between 7:20 and 7:45. Jude, who always winds up in bed with us in the MOTN, decides that 7:40 is appropriate. He tries to wake up dad (who always pretends to still be sleeping so he doesn't have to take the so I pull him off and head to the kitchen. I promised Jane bacon today so I start that on the stove since it takes an obscene amount of time to cook and we're pressed for time. Ryder goes outside with my parent's dog, who I'm sitting for the day. Since I've been waking up later than usual, I've had to dress Jane to ensure she gets to school on time. I could be responsible and wake up earlier but no. Why would I make things easier for myself. Start on breakfast for the kids. 

8:00 Jane is done eating (waffle, bacon, yogurt, vitamins, cashew milk) so I do her hair, make sure she brushes her teeth and get her shoes on. Pack her lunch too. 

8:20 Dad and Jane leave to school. I check on Ryder, who tells me that our dog is by the back fence, which has a gap in it, so I run to the bathroom, carrying Jude on my hip, to look out the window and check. As I walk out the bathroom, I notice something on the floor that I almost step in. Yup, it's a roach. I scream. We have pest control so the roach is noticeably wobbly and near death but that doesn't mean I won't burn the house down trying to finish it off. I hurry to the laundry room where we keep the wasp spray on a top shelf and I blast the poor sucker. And poison the air all around us but the important thing is that the roach is dead.

8:30 I start on breakfast for myself. 

8:50 I sit with the boys to eat. Jude is so gorgeous. And he looks just like me as a baby. I'm not trying to make a connection there. I'm just stating the fact that he's beautiful and looks just like his mom.

9:00 Hubby comes back from his run and we talk about my bravery facing the dead roach, I change Jude's diaper and get him dressed for the day then nurse him down for his first nap of the day. While I feed him, I read a quick blog post on my phone and check Reddit news.

9:30 Successfully place Jude in the crib then tend to some household duties. On this morning's agenda is cleaning up the spray on the floor, picking up the kitchen, taking out the trash bag, giving the dog its seizure meds and unloading the dishwasher. I do this while listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The No Sleep Podcast. It's an hour longish episode containing several short horror stories. It's great to listen to while doing mundane tasks like cleaning or working on computer projects. I also mop the floors because I'm wigging out at the roach and the spray that was on the floor. 

10:15 I plan to take the boys to the library for toddler time so I start the process of getting dressed.

10:45 Jude's awake so I get the boys dressed then head out 

12:30 We have a nice time at toddler tales or whatever the hell it's called. Lots of cute babies. Jude isn't that into it but he's learning. Ryder is so loud at singing the lullabies but in a cute and non obnoxious way. Last time we were there I tried to quiet him down, because I was thought he was a tad too loud, but it really crushed his spirit. So we keep him loud and proud and the teacher was loving it. 

We check out books and have some computer time in the kids section before heading home. 

12:45 Before going home, I drive by the mailbox to pick up our mail. Back home I feed the dog, work on lunch for me and Ryder, find out where the dog is and check out my etsy purchase for Jane's upcoming birthday. Last year I found this cute cupcake bakery felt set for one of her friend's birthday and Jane was like "um I'm gonna need one of those too for my birthday." Well of course the one I bought was the last one in the store and they've been impossible to find ever since. Shout out to Etsy for always coming through. Not sure it was worth $25 but she'll be happy. I think. I hope. 

Jude lending a hand during lunchtime. 

Lunch is lentil soup with a turkey sandwich and fruit. Ryder doesn't eat a lot of main foods but he'll eat lentils all day, every day. 

At some point, Jude takes a fall and hits the back of his head on the floor after Ryder bumped him. This is a common occurrence since he tries to stand and cruise all the time and I would seriously consider a protective helmet during this stage. After I comfort him, I eat lunch and take a call from my mom then put away the dirty dishes. Ryder goes outside to play. He's back in that fun stage of playing outside for hours.

1:30 We have a fence company coming at 2 so I need to find our property survey. Do some work on the computer then sit with Jude on the floor and eat some Easter chocolate. I realize it's almost 2 aka time to get sissy from school so I try to put Jude down for a nap. So happy he's in that stage where he's taking routine naps. Sometimes he's hard to put down at night but he's never given me problems during the day. I'm pretty good at following his sleepy cues. 

2:10 Jude goes down. The fence people haven't shown up (spoiler alert: they're a no show for the rest of the day too), I text with hubby on whether or not he's coming home so I can pick up Jane by myself.

2:20 Back to the living room to work. I stayed up until past midnight working the night before so today is more low key.

2:45 Hubby arrives so I leave to walk to school. I always take an umbrella because I don't like showing up drenched to pick up my kid and I also don't like skin cancer. I always thought my grandma was silly for always carrying an umbrella outside when I was a kid but I get it now. I SO get it. The only other smart people I ever see with umbrellas at school are the elderly ladies. I should add that we all wait outside in the sun to pick up the kids. There is no shade. 

3:20 Back home with my girl so hubby leaves to go back to work. He takes his lunch break to come home so that I can go alone to school but he has to leave as soon as I'm home. Jane is excited about her books. As she looks them over, I down a gallon of water to replenish what I've lost on the walk (even with my precious giant umbrella!). We pick out a few books to read and my mom stops by to pick up her dog. 

3:55 Jane asks to watch little mermaid in my room so I oblige. Ryder wants another movie in the living room so I take care of that. Have to start thinking about dinner so I take out some fish to thaw. Give Jane her requested goldfish and now I have Ryder asking for something. Thing One and Thing Two.  

4:15 I start getting ingredients out for dinner and wonder if I can pull it off. It's pretty ambitious: blackened fish, orzo and some potato/tomato/squash casserole. Ryder is whining about his finger and wanting goldfish. Jude wakes.

4:30 I nurse Jude then change his diaper and we hang out in Ryder's room. His newest feat is climbing onto Ryder's bed. He's so proud of himself every time. I hold onto him as they look out the window.

5:00 Gotta start dinner prep while having some sweet sweet wine.


I am totally Snoop when the wine is flowing. Also me when bedtime is right around the corner. 


6:20 I did it! Dinner is done. It took me longer than expected because Jude kept trying to crawl out of the kitchen into some danger zone. I serve the kids then clean the dishes while Jude plays nearby. 

7:10 Time to start the bedtime routine. As I prepare the kids bath, I admire the grout. I recently discovered the magic of grout paint. Check out this amazing difference. I've only done this 1/4 tile because I enjoy my sanity. Not mentally prepared to tackle the rest of the bathroom. 


7:20 Kids are dressed in their jammies. 

My makeup has worn off and that's probably a breast milk stain on my top. Look at the duck!

7:30 Nurse Jude down for the night; he starts scratching and pinching - he does this every time - reminding me that once again I've forgotten to trim his nails. My chest and stomach look like I got into a fight with a cat.

8:00 Husband is home. Eats dinner by himself (that's what happens when you work late and have a selfish and hungry wife). He hangs with the kids for a bit before they go to bed.

8:20 PTL the kids are all down but I don't get to relax. It's another night working late for me.

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