Saturday, January 21, 2017

DITL: Winter Edition

Day in the Life - Winter Edition. I don't even remember what day this was but it was sometime last week (details...not my forte).

Let's do this....

7:00 I'm mostly awake by the time my 7 am alarm buzzes. Jude is next to me in bed and I can tell that he's soaked through his jammies. He's baby talking and sucking on his hand. Big sissy is also next to us (her and her other brother like to climb in bed with us in the middle of the night) and I hear a door slam on the baby monitor so Ryder must be up too. Fun fact: both kids still have baby monitors in their rooms and I'll probably continue that trend until they ask for privacy LOL.

7:20: Tonight our local park is having a "movie in the park" night so I plan on taking all three kids by myself, because that sounds super fun (note: no it doesn't). We've never heard of the movie that's showing so Jane and I watch a trailer on my phone on youtube. She thinks it looks funny. Ryder comes in and says good morning to us and climbs over sissy to see Jude. They start arguing. I check my Fitbit to see how much I slept. Not at all accurate so I'll have to change my sensitivity settings later. Time to get everybody fed so we head to the kitchen.

7:30 I have Jane finish her reading homework since we couldn't get to it the night before. She's supposed to read a book of her choice then write the title and draw her favorite part. She's like her mama and loves to read. I can't wait until she's a little older, and I'm not as busy nursing, so we can dig into some good reads at bedtime. I'm dying to read her Harry Potter but she needs to be more mature to avoid getting bored and wondering when the princess will show up. I will definitely be one of those moms that lets their kids stay up late if they're reading.

7:40 I get dressed really quick then start breakfast. Obligatory DITL selfie.

7:50 While the kids eat, I get Jane's clothes. This is something she usually does on her own but today I want to leave early to have time for my run. I brush my teeth and check the weather. Jude's in the swing screaming.

8:10 I gather my running gear, say goodbye to Ryder and we're off to school. A little chilly this morning!

Super tranquil and peaceful. I'm so glad to be running again. It's my therapy when I can't actually make it to therapy (lolz).

8:55 Back from my run. My hubby hands me the baby so he can get ready for work. His new work schedule is 10-7, which is pretty awesome considering his office is only 10 minutes away.
9-10 Time to nurse. My notes say there was a "coffee incident" but I can't remember what happened but it couldn't have been good. Ryder plays with his toys while I try to fix our new Apple TV. We just cut our cable and signed up for Directv now which gives us every channel we usually watch for only $35/month. WAY cheaper than what we were paying before. Since my hubby left his keys somewhere at work the night before, I have to drop him off. Spoiler alert: he finds them later that day :)

(post run // feeding time)

10- I get the boys ready for a trip to the park, Ryder has a tantrum about school because he wants to go, like right now, even though he's never been and is only 3. Then he switches gears and starts whining about not being able to find his fishing rod, which....he doesn't even have one. Ultimately he decides against the park, probably for the best, and plays with toys instead. I make a call to the pharmacy to check on some presciptions. While on the phone, Jude spits up on me and I realize that I still haven't eaten breakfast.

10:30 I give Ryder some yogurt and make breakfast for myself. Spinach and fruit smoothies are in order. Ryder always helps. ALWAYS.

11 I sit down to eat but clean up a smoothie spill first. Ryder wants another cup so I do that and give him bacon, too. I make extra smoothie and bacon because I know he'll always ask for more and because of my life motto, "I would die for my kids but I will not give them all my bacon."

(loves of my life, bacon and babies)

11;15 Jude's hungry so I nurse him.
11:40 I carefully place a sleeping Jude in the swing. This is my most successful nap placement but I have to put him right after he falls asleep because if I keep him in my arms too long then try to put him in the swing, he wakes up and screams bloody murder. Like "bitch I know you're not trying to put me down!" If you're a mom, you know this look.

Ryder is in the playroom watching Netflix because I need to mop these floors. If you were to pass a black light over these tiles, the results would probably horrify you.

11:46 Jude wakes. What was that, like a 10 minute nap. Eye roll, bro.
11:55 I stop to check and respond to some work emails, make a call. Jude is in the walker so I could finish the floors and my bathroom. I come up with a genius plan to tie a blanket around the handles of the walker and just roll him around as I mop the floors. If I had more time, I would've macguyver'd it and tried to tie the blanket rope around my waist.

Even Jude thinks my idea is brilliant!

12:15 I'm done cleaning so I give Ryder a snack. Does he eat it? No. He sustains himself on a diet of yogurt, half eaten strawberries, smoothies, crackers and sheer will.

12:45 Daddy's home for lunch. The boys play while I put clothes in the wash. Our laundry situation is hysterical. As in, I cry hysterically when I look at the mounds of clothes. It's like a clown car. Where the HALE do all these clothes come from?! Not sharing a picture because I don't want to scare away the two people that read this blog.

1 make myself lunch and sit with the guys. I don't remember what it was but I know it was a Sad! lunch because I didn't even take a picture like I usually would have.
1:15 Hubby heads back to work. I play with Jude on the floor then vacuum the rug. Because I'm over getting stabbed in the foot by sharp crumbs.
1:35 We head to the playroom where I roomba the hell out of it because ever since we put a t.v. in the playroom, the kids hang out in there all day for the recommended 30 mins a day of screentime and they forget that food goes in their mouth when they're in there. Jude is simultaneously fascinated and frightened by the vacuum.

2:05 Nursing time again

2:25 Jude is out so I try to lay him in stroller because it's time to go pick up sissy at school. I've never attempted putting a sleeping baby in the stroller like this. Fingers crossed!

2:30 We leave to make the 1.5 mile walk to school. Even though it should take us 15ish minutes to get there, I heave to leave with plenty of time because of my sloth like son that literally can not walk any slower. Still love him.

2:50 Arrive at the gate and wait. I'm glad we got here early because there are storm clouds rolling in. Unusual for this time of year. Ryder is eating a bowl of crackers or something.

3:15 After picking up Jane, we're back home now and I put the tv on for the kids, hang out with Jude and try to fix some issues with my phone.

5:00-5:40 Head to the grocery store to pick up who knows what.

6:00 Dinner. Broccoli and cheese quesadillas. Really delish. Ryder helped prepare it of course. I wear Jude and drink wine.

(Sleeping! PTL)

7:00 I sit on the living room floor to eat because Jude won't allow it any other way. I do what he says.
7:10 My mom calls, we chat briefly. Ryder comes to play with Jude. Nearly smothers him in the process as usual.

7:15 Post dinner snack.

7:25 Hubby is home,
7:30 Bathe Ryder and put Jane down. Get Jude in his jammies and play with the boys in their room

8:20 Ryder goes down for the night.
8:55 Jude is down too now so I shower and watch some Netflix. Don't take anymore notes because I'm usually delirious by 9:30 pm.

Pretty standard day!


  1. Coming over from the link up. Isn't it always exhausting to read how your day was after the fact? Your family is adorable and I have read the first 3 Harry Potter books with my 7 year old - so fun!

  2. Loved your DITL! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Such a funny read! Did something happen to the movie in the park?