Monday, November 6, 2017

Halloween and a corn maze

So Halloween has come and gone. I was a little sad but that was short lived because I was listening to Christmas music on November 1st. And can I just say that I'm not here for the people hating on those of us who are into Christmas already? Do they know how fast the season goes by? It only comes once a year. There's a lot to do. If you're bothered by seeing decorations in stores and people being delighted in their music, you need to reevaluate your life choices.

So Halloween fell on a Monday - the worst of days. But we made the best of it. Kids were excited. I donned my basic cat get up and we waited impatiently for dad to get home from work. I ended up starting the trick r treating before he arrived because it was already dark out and I like to take my time. My husband had to change clothes and eat dinner so we agreed I would start and he would just meet us later.

(a little pregaming)

(checking out the loot)

Earlier in the week we made the trek to some ranch a half hour away to check out their giant corn maze. We were in the middle of our freak cold front so we actually had to bundle up really well. I wore my beloved $30 parka from eBay. Some real Fall pictures! 

The corn maze itself was pretty cool. We did get a little lost but that's the whole point. It was super windy and Ryder was all about leading the way. It was definitely fun although I didn't get to make any crop circles like I wanted to. All in all, this was a great visit and we'll be returning next year. I've known about the corn maze for years but have never gone because it's always been about 105 degrees when it's open and I'm not into that. 

So the Halloween decorations are mostly down and the Fall decor is slowly coming up. We are hosting Thanksgiving and we were debating on whether or not we would decorate for Christmas before our Thanksgiving dinner. I would be more than pleased to have Thanksgiving dinner while surrounded by Christmas decor but for some, it may be too premature. We decided that Fall should have its time so I'll be holding off on Christmas until the day after. Problem is I don't have a lot of Fall decor because Halloween takes center stage nor do I have money to go stocking up on new decor sooooo I'm trying to do a lot with a little. Ryder actually gathered some pine cones on our way home from school last week and I incorporated that into my centerpiece. So I'll be utilizing pinterest and the dollar store to get as cozy as we can around here.

Till next time...

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Do you also make medical decisions based on advice received from a FaceBook mom group? Let's talk...

I'm a part of some huge mom groups on FB. It's one of the main reasons I maintain my FB instead of rage deactivating like I want to do on most days. It's been super beneficial to post on those pages seeking advice/opinions on health related issues. Instead of seeking actual medical advice from a real doctor (boring!).  Except for the time I posted on one page asking for benign breast lump stories and one person was like "well I heard the same stories when I had a breast lump but mine turned out to be cancer"

*rapid blinks*

What part of BENIGN did you not understand? I was clearly seeking comfort from others whose lumps turned out to be nothing (which is statistically the case, at least for my particular demographic, but hearing real life stories eases my anxiety too), not from people who had worst case scenarios. I know there are a lot of women out there who receive the cancer diagnosis and that's awful and my heart goes out to them. But in my post, I was clear about only wanting to hear benign lump stories because I was a mess. I wasn't upset at this woman because I'm sure she just didn't read my post in its entirety and/or she may have just wanted to encourage me to get a second opinion just to be safe. But it's just one of those're looking for happy stories but there's that one person that's like "I don't want to scare you or anything but you're probably dying...."

Anyway what was the point of all that? Well I just realized my four year old has these tiny warts on one hand and I posted a pic in one of these groups and a bunch of moms agreed that it looked like molluscum contagion. What is that? Who the hell knows but it's contagious and a bitch to get rid of. I've always read horror stories about this molluscum and about hand foot and mouth disease. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I got through 6.5 years of parenthood without dealing with either of these but here we are. So now I'm dabbing apple cider vinegar on it because a lot of moms had success with that. I also read that butt paste and coconut oil (<- this one's funny because coconut oil is to crunchy moms what windex was to the greeks in that one greek movie). But I am desperate and I'm sure I'll end up making a paste of all 3 of these and seeing if it makes a difference. Ironically, I'm headed to the dermatologist tomorrow because I have some boil looking thing on my hip. A BOIL. I mean, what are we in...medievel times or something?

Now to prevent my other kids from catching this shellfish sounding condition....

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween party 2017

So we've been cramming in as many Halloween events as possible. Despite it being my favorite holiday, I never get to do any of the fun events around town like I want to. There's just too much going on and I can't get my crap together to bother. But, this year I'm trying to change that. We had our Halloween party a few weeks back. Some of my good friends couldn't make it so it was a smaller gathering. If you remember on a previous post, I mentioned that I was disappointed with my party last year so I was hoping this year's fiesta would be better. Well it was alright. Everyone had fun, I think, but the problem is that we all have little kids and we're all tired AF. It was 8 pm and it honestly felt like 11 pm.

I have a vision of a really lively event with dancing and drinking and this just wasn't that. LOL. But again, the first party we ever threw had a lot more people and we had my brother in law's karaoke machine and the booze was flowing and a good time was had. So, I think next year I'm just going to stick to something simpler like a pumpkin carving fest. Have everyone bring a pumpkin to decorate and we'll do it outside and do s'mores and snacks. The lively party will have to wait until the kids are older.

My costume was once again DIY. Originally I was going to go as the guy from Clockwork Orange but then backed out because I didn't think anybody would know the character. So I went as Medusa. I made my own snake headpiece and bought fabric to make my toga. My husband was a dude that was turned into stone.

My girl Jane was a mini Medusa. How freaking cute is she.

My parents. Look at my mom getting into character. It's no wonder I like creepy things.

Here's our blurry family shot. My daughter changed out of her Medusa costume and dressed up as "mom" instead lol.

And the award for the most creative costume went to my cousin, who went as pregnant Beyonce. This wins Halloween, imo. And yes she is really pregnant. :)

I'm going to take pictures of all my house decor and post those later. I went all out this year (when do I not) and need to document it so I can remember what the hell I did when next year rolls around.


Do you like my title? They don't pay me the big bucks for nothing.

So we decided to evacuate the state during Hurricane Irma for several reasons. First, Harvey was fresh on everybody's mind. We saw the devastation that the storm caused and how people were left stranded for days in the flood waters. I knew Irma wasn't going to be a rain event but when all the experts had it remaining a strong 3-4 as it traveled up the middle of the state, I knew there was nowhere safe to go but away from FL. I experienced Hurricane Andrew as a child and I just couldn't put my kids through that, especially not having AC for weeks when it's 90 degrees outside. And I remember reading something about one of the storm shelters collapsing during Harvey and rescuers not being able to get to them for more than a day. No thanks.

We decided to look for hotels in Georgia but they were all booked. I was also carefully avoiding locations where the storm was likely to come through. Eventually I found vacancies in Birgmingham, Alabama so we packed up as much as we could, my parents included, and we took off. The worst part about the whole experience was evacuation traffic. I know now that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, we'll have to hunker down and wait for everyone to die on the roads and then drive around them. Because what should've taken us a 7 hour drive, took us 14+. And gas was hard to find. It was AWFUL. We avoided I-75 because that was a parking lot and instead took back roads through towns I wasn't sure even had electricity. There were a ton of cars driving with gallons of gas tied to the back of their cars. You could just feel that everyone was on edge and just trying to get their families as far from Florida as possible. Had this been some sort of pandemic instead of a hurricane, I don't doubt people would've resorted to violence to get gas, etc. I would've. Just kidding. *awkward laugh* I know I've watched too much Walking Dead because every time I'm watching a movie or show and there's someone shady on the scene, I think they should be killed immediately. Like don't take any chances, just assume they'll turn into a villain and kill them. I mean...that's not healthy thinking but here I am.

We made it to Alabama at 1:30 am and my parents showed up around 3 am. The next day I looked up the nearest playground and found this awesome park. It had this large open field and a huge fenced in play area for the kids. Way better than anything I've seen in Florida. And it was actually in the 60's - beautiful weather! My mom and I drove around after and we saw the cutest neighborhoods ever. Homes that looked like little castles. I swear it was like a real life Arendelle.

Next up we visited a state park that had a cute little dog park and some awesome trails. At one point, my husband and older son went off "exploring" and couldn't find their way back. Insert eye roll because I knew this would happen. So I went off on my own, with a map, to go find them and it was a little creepy because there were a few times I was all alone and it was quiet and it was a perfect opportunity for a predator to try and abduct me. The boys found their way back via another route so I ended up jogging all the way back to the entrance where everyone was waiting. It was a lovely run! 

We were in AL for 5 days or something and on one of those nights, we checked out Avondale Brewery, which was both dog and kid friendly. The kids loved running around while the adults sat back enjoying some pizza and brews. 

The really interesting part about these cool little hangouts is that they were all located in the hood. Like in really bad neighborhoods. We literally parked in front of an abandoned house that looked like a crack den. But I appreciate that these business owners are trying to improve these seedy areas by bringing in new businesses. Whatever they're doing, it's working, because these places were all packed. So all in all, we have rave reviews for Birmingham. Not enough to return because it's out of the way but it's a place I could recommend families moving to. We were pleasantly surprised. 

We also hit up an indoor playground on one rainy day - actually the remnants of Irma followed us to Birmingham - and the Birmingham zoo. 

So let's talk about what happened back home. Irma ended up hitting Cuba and that really took the wind out of her sail. It was considerably weaker by the time it hit Florida and was only a cat 1 by the time it passed through central Florida. That said, here's what a cat 1 did to our backyard. 

We lost a tree and some huge branches fell on our roof, causing a little damage but thankfully no leaks. We also lost some fences. All over the city you could see blue tarps on roofs and trees toppled over. And this was only a category 1! A category 3 or 4 would've caused major structural damage. So I'm glad I didn't stick around for this but we decided that next time, we'll just stay at a disney resort instead of evacuating the area. The resorts hold up well during storms - never heard of one collapsing or anything - and they provide entertainment and food before/after a storm for the kids so that's our game plan next time. 

I'm glad hurricane season is over - not officially but it's way too late for anything to hit now - because man, was this stressful. The tracking, the stocking up on supplies, the 'should we leave' debate and the terrible awful evacuation traffic. Ugh between that and the heat, we are SO over Florida. Unfortunately we have to stick around a little longer because my parents are here and I love our neighborhood and schools. Plus we're close to Disney. But we'll see what the future brings because this weather is absolutely unbearable and dealing with heat in the Fall/Winter sends me into a legit seasonal depression. 

Right now we're experiencing a rare cold front and it's giving me life. I've already used the fireplace and have my hot apple cider supplies ready to go. I don't think this front has any bearing on whether or not we'll get more fronts in the near future but I'm choosing to believe that it will.

Friday, October 27, 2017


So wow, I haven't posted in two months. October was busy as hell. I mean it was October so I was busy decorating my house for like three weeks then throwing our annual party but before all that we evacuated the STATE for hurricane irmageddon.

Did you know Birmingham, AL is really nice? Not to sound ignorant but I had no idea. It's actually a hip little place and has some gorgeous areas. Our hotel, which was one of the only ones we found that had vacancies, was on a little mountain. I swear I need a refresher course on geography because I also had no idea AL had mountains.

I was also insanely busy at work.

And I had a mammogram (all good). That was fun.

We also took the kids to the Halloween party at Disney. I didn't take many pictures because that's just not as feasible as other mom bloggers make it look. I'm pushing a stroller and wrangling three kids and all our crap. No time to whip the phone out and get a lot of shots unless we're stationary.

This weekend is jam packed with Halloween activities. Tonight I'm taking the kids to our local movie in the park and they'll have a kids tent where they can get candy and do crafts. I'll be flying solo so I'll be having a beer or two before all this. Just kidding I'm a responsible parent.

Gotta cut this short because the kids need tending to!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Hello September

September 1st marks the end of Summer. School is back in session, Fall decor lines our store shelves and we can officially say that "Halloween is next month!"

I've noticed in my social media accounts that people are very excitedly welcoming this change and some people are even planning on decorating for All Hallows Eve this month. What I suspect is happening is that a lot of people, myself included, are desperate for some good news. This year has been shit (thank you Trump and co.) and we are ready for a pick me up. I also did some thinking, about how quickly the holidays seem to come and go, and I decided that I would decorate for Halloween later this month so that when October 1st rolled around, I could sit back and enjoy my creation and really dig into the holiday. I especially want to involve the kids in some fun crafts and visit as many pumpkin patches as this heat will allow. The last two years we didn't do as much as I wanted, probably because I was either pregnant or had an infant and I just couldn't even. But this year, I want to take my time decorating and enjoy it and then when October is here, I can just watch my scary movies and bake my creepy goodies and visit as many patches and corn mazes as we can. 

Anyway, I have sent out my halloween party invitations and already have a few rsvp's. Even though I said I would be more low key this year....yeah, that's not happening. I just want to throw a traditional fun party. If that necessitates bobbing for apples - which sounds kind of gross and wouldn't that be a drowning risk for kids? - then so be it. So far we'll have at least 8 kids, including my own, so I'm definitely doing a bounce house. If anything, it'll keep them occupied so their parents can have a drink or three. And it'll hide the patches of dead grass in our yard. That my friends is called a win win. And I'm toying with the idea of having some sort of dance floor but that could be crazy talk. I just keep having flashbacks from last year where I had like two games for the kids and then they were like "what's next?! what's next?!" and I was like  

So really it's all about the pressure to keep the kids happy. Which is all that matters right! 

The kids have their costumes already and I have a tentative idea for myself and my husband but it'll require to DIY again but who doesn't love a trip to the thrift store. BTW, I'm a little miffed that Spirit Halloween Store is NOW selling hocus pocus costumes two years after we created our own but I ain't bitter. 

My husband's costume...good lord 

Sneak peek at little Jane's get up this year. The cutest. 
And general Fall shenanigans...

Candy corn, purchased and devoured in 1.5 days

My current read... it takes me a LONG time to read these days. I don't have any time during the day and I fall asleep as soon as the kids go to bed. I don't have much of a synopsis on this one other than a review that said it was like War of the Worlds meets World War Z. Um, yes please. I'd like to be finished by October because I plan on starting Discovery of Witches (or something) by then. But that's a mighty tall order for someone who needs about six months to finish one book #momlife 

Signing off for now. Can I get a what what for 3 day weekends?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Catching up


Jeez I've become one of those blogs I find so annoying...the ones that only update every few months, if at all. I am still here! It was just a hectic summer - Jude is ONE! - and walking everywhere. I don't even remember what he was up to the last time I posted. But time is a passing. The older kids are in school now so I have a *little* bit more time in the morning to work and stay on top of house work. 

So we've had a lot going on. First birthday party, beach vacation, school prepping. I also found some time last weekend to change my blog name. I've been thinking about doing that for a long time but couldn't decide on a name. I'm so freaking indecisive. But it finally came to me...untethered. Totally fitting. So here we are. New look, same me. 

A little of what we've been up to (a lot of pics include Jude because, well, he's attached to my hip on the reg)

 Beach trip:

Other fun stuff....

I'm in full party planning mode for this year's Halloween party. Even though I said I wouldn't do one this year. I was kind of disappointed in last year's party to be honest- there were just too many people and I felt like I could've planned it better. Everything looked great and I had high hopes that it would be the best party ever but it was just a let down for me and I can't put my finger on why. Plus I forgot to hand out my skeleton trophies for the second year in a row LOL. But I did have a 3 month old baby at the time so I gotta cut myself some slack. This year, I plan on inviting fewer people and utilizing our backyard more for the kids. Like maybe even renting a dance floor with a tent and stringing up some lights and getting our monster mash on. Who knows.

I heard that Target was starting to put Halloween stuff out so I took the kids the other day and picked up a few goodies. 

My husband was like "what did you buy at Target?" and I was like, do you even Halloween bro?

Well that's it for now. We're heading out to dinner tonight with the fam so I'll catch you on the flip side.

Cheers, Witches!